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Profanity Trail

Image by found_drama via Flickr

I recently stumbled across a fantastically funny book on the English language. If the reader can stop laughing long enough to read it, they will discover a treasure trove of language gems. The particular specialty of this is book is to offer alternate options for the use of a variety of foul language.

I bring this up because my place of employment is a rather unique environment.  Most of the people that I work with could be deemed “rough and tough and hard to bluff”.  Ok, I could probably bluff most of them but they are a very hard-working group of people.  They can also be a very foul-mouthed group of people.

In an effort to improve the “atmosphere” at work, we used the above mentioned book to create our own version of foul language.  This allows our team to swear at random while not offending other co-workers or customers.

What, you may ask is the most commonly used word?  I am so glad you asked!

Shucksy darn oh pooh!

Try using this alternative in place of a foul word, and see just how many quizzical looks and even smiles appear.  I guarantee it will be a conversation starter or at least an ice breaker!

Ciao for now!

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